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Joseph Cassese


Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 175lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Degree: BA Fine Arts & Sciences Seton Hall University

Location: New York, NY

Willing to travel


Poloroid                                                 Mitch Cohen                      Sam Elgart                             Poloroid Pictures

The Stuff                                                Conner                             Joe Grant                               Mel City Entertainment

Marital Arts {CANNES 2017}                 Carlo                              Anthony Marinelli                      Anthill Productions

Mind F**k                                               Michael                           Miguel Parga                              Dinna Alexanyan Prod.

The F3ar                                                 Jake                             Christopher Raffale                      Raff Films

Je Suis Veneralia                                  Jackson Moore               Emmanuel Berthelot                  Veneralia Prod.

The Colston Brief                                  Stephen O'Bannon           Robin D'Oench                        Kit Chemistry

Acoustic Space {CANNES 2015}             Michael                        Anthony Marinelli                       Luloco Productions   

Riding In Cars With Boys                     Linebacker #2                   Penny Marshall                       Columbia Tri-Star Pictures

Eat The Rabbit                                      Chef Greg                       Gwen Butler                             C-Eight Productions

Walt Whitman Never Paid For it               Jerry Boy                     Anthony Marinelli                      Anthill Productions

A Better Place                                         Todd                           Vincent Pereira                           View Askew Productions


2010 - present

2010 - present

The Lepers                                   Vin                            Matthew Penn                 Ensemble Studio Theatre

A Few Good Men                 Daniel Kaffee                   Mark Harborth                 The Gallery Players

One Flew Over The              R.P. McMurphy                Mark Harborth                 The Gallery Players 

Cuckoo's Nest


It Runs In The Family         Dr. David Mortimore           Mark Harborth                 The Gallery Players


Run For Your Wife              Stanley Gardner                Mark Harborth                 The Gallery Players

Acoustic Space                       Michael                         Anthony Marinelli             Winner Best Play                                                                                                                              NY Strawberry One Act Festival

I Can't Imagine Tomorrow        Two                              Cyndy Marion                 White Horse Theatre Company

Waiting For Lefty                       Irv                                John DeSotelle                   Theatre Nuance


Frankie and Johnny                Johnny                         Anthony Marinelli               Americam Theatre of Actors

in the Claire De Lune  

Band Of Brother In Laws         Dedo                             Joseph Mileto                    Pasta & Pigskin Productions


Fool For Love                          Martin                           Anthony Marinelli               Americam Theatre of Actors


Romeo & Juliet                        The Prince                    John Grabowski                Chelsea Repertory Co.


Training & Workshops

Atlantic Theatre – Director’s LAB – Neil Pepe / Advanced Scene Study – Tennessee Williams Intensive – Karen Kohlhaas


Atlantic Theatre – Audition LAB – Todd Thaler


The Acting Studio - Advanced Scene Study – John Grabowski


Michael Howard Studio – Michael Howard - Patsy Rodenburg - Karen Wohl


The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute – Nancy Franklin – George Loros – Savannah Boucher


Kimball Studio – Kelly Kimball


Larry Ellis – Acting Coach



FBI - Episode 209 - 'Salvation'              ICE Agent #2                Adam Chapple           Universal TV/CBS-TV/Wolf Films for CBS

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