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Joseph Cassese Reel


Running Time: 2:53 min


This is a sample of some of my work. The first clip is from Acoustic Space, the first short I produced which was written and directed by my long time friend and collaborative partner, Anthony Marinelli.{Acoustic Space screened in Cannes in May of 2015 in addition to several festivals in NYC and abroad} The second clip is from The Box, a short film I shot outside of Philadelphia. The third clip is also directed by Marinelli from Walt Whitman Never Paid For It. {Whitman won the Audience Choice Award at the Richmond International Film Festival in 2014 and screened in several other festival around the country.} , a pilot. The fifth clip is from Marital Arts, also written and directed by Anthony Marinelli. {Marital Arts screened at the Cannes film festival in May 2017} The final clip is from The F3ar, a feature coming out later in 2017, 


Street Tough / Bad Guy / Gangster - Walt Whitman Never Paid For It

Arrogant Prick / Wall Street / Attorney - Mind F**k

The Neighbor Who You're Not Sure If You Really Can Trust - The F3ar

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